What's good MyG! This is Vol 2 of our new series 'TVS Playlist', where we share some of our favorite songs of all different genres. Our handcrafted mixtape is a curated fusion of indie wonders, designed to ignite your spirit and elevate your vibe. From mesmerizing dreamscapes to infectious rhythms, each track is mixed to bring you a sense of lightness. So, get ready to join us on our new mix of the 2nd volume of 'TVS Playlist' . Whether you're chilling with friends or driving in your car solo, enjoy our 'New Wave Indie' mix is the ultimate soundtrack for those who crave something extraordinary. Start listening and let the light melodies guide you through an upbeat and cheerful vibe.

Please share with the closest ones to you that feel like they need this sort of upbeat indie playlist.



What's Inside a Girl - The Cramps

I Fought the Law - Dead Kennedys

Tear It down - DRI

Wild In The Streets -  Circle Jerks 

Blondie - Nick Rattigan 

These Boots are Made for walking - Nancy Sinatra 

What's the Word - Suicidal Tendencies 

All or nothing - Madball

Right Brigade - Bad Brains

TV Party - Black Flag


Music by: GARY

Mixed by: Ethan Bull

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