What's good, MyG! Welcome to Volume 3 of our groovy series, 'Tropical Spirit - TVS Playlist Volume 3' where we're jammin' to the rhythms of reggae funk and sharing some of our favorite tunes from various corners of the musical universe.

Our mixtape is a handcrafted blend of reggae funk goodness, meticulously curated to ignite your soul and elevate your groove. From mesmerizing island vibes to infectious funkadelic beats, each track is perfectly chosen to infuse a sense of soul into your day. So, get ready to ride the vibes with us as we dive into the fresh tunes of Volume 3 of 'TVS Playlist.' Whether you're jammin' with your crew or cruising solo, our reggae funk mix is the ultimate sonic journey for those who seek an extraordinary groove.



Champion Soundtrack - Ronnie Hudson

Steppin out pulse - Alborosie & David Hinds of steel

The Handle - Sister Nancy 

Who Knows (Shy FX Remix) - Protoje (Feat chronixx)

Celebrate (Golden Lambo Remix) - Salah Sue

I'm still in love with you (Yelram Selectah Remix) - Marcia Aitken

Gonna make time - The Frightnrs 

Enjoy Yourself - Prince Buster 

Nature Dub - Augustus Pablo

Uptown Top Ranking - Di Pon Dis

Police and Thieves - Junior Murvin


Music by: GARY

Mixed by: Ethan Bull

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